Awnique fabricates and installs Awnings, Canopies, and Shade Sails in Oklahoma City and beyond.

Oklahoma’s #1 Provider

Of Awnings, Architectural Canopies, and Shade Sails

Awnique is Oklahoma’s most-trusted fabricator of custom, high-quality awnings and architectural canopies. We use only the highest-quality materials and processes such as Sunbrella canvas, Gore Tenara thread, and TIG welding for frames.

Our customer service commitment encompasses the entire life cycle of our products, from initial design to meeting “impossible” installation deadlines to comprehensive service years after installation.

In addition to custom awnings and architectural canopies, Awnique is also the primary contractor for shade sails in the Oklahoma City area. What can we do for you?

Awnings Enhance Both Beauty and Functionality

Custom awnings provide a host of benefits for any building. Aesthetically, awnings add the “finishing touch,” making your home or business look composed and complete. Functionally, awnings perform several crucial roles. By protecting outdoor spaces from both sun and rain, those spaces are much more usable and comfortable for people. Awnings also protect the building, furniture, and hardscape against intense UV rays and glare. Awnings also help to moderate indoor temperatures, increasing comfort, saving energy, and preventing UV rays from damaging surfaces.

You’ll find several attractive choices among our custom awning offerings, including fixed awnings, metal awnings, canvas awnings, rectangle awnings, and horizontal awnings.

Canopies Add Architectural Interest with Protection

Architectural canopies are increasingly popular, and with good reason. They provide protection for people from the sun and rain, and they add architectural interest and enhanced style to your home or business. We can create this type of canopy with a metal cover for maximum protection, or with fabric for a softer appearance. 

We also create free-standing canopies such as cabanas and gazebos to suit your needs perfectly. Thanks to durable, non-fading fabrics and sturdy, corrosion-resistant frame materials, you’ll enjoy years of use from your custom canopy.

Add A Shade Sail and Increase Your Outdoor Enjoyment

With both architectural flair and sun-blocking functionality, shade sails are a favorite for both homeowners and business owners. A space that was previously too sun-blasted to use during the day can be transformed into a comfortable and beautiful space. We can create nearly any shape you want, and you can even have us create multiple shade sails for a more dramatic and bold aesthetic.