Canopies in Oklahoma City, OK

Enjoy Your Indoor and Outdoor Space More with Shade and Protection

Canopies are architectural features that are both attractive and highly functional in protecting people and your building. Architectural canopies provide shade over windows and doors, and also provide welcome protection for people as they come and go. They also offer a welcome dose of style!

You can specify either fabric or metal canopies, as well as canopies attached solely to the building, or supported by columns. You can also take the idea further and we’ll create a freestanding gazebo or cabana based on your needs and wants. High-quality fabrics offer exceptional durability as well as appealing aesthetics, regardless of whether you choose canvas, polyester, acrylic, or vinyl. Non-corroding frame materials will support your custom canopy for years to come, maximizing your enjoyment and utility. We have even made canopies that are easy to disassemble and take to the park or on vacation!

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