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Need Style and Protection? Shade Sails Do That!

Shade sails provide a stylish and unique approach to enhancing your outdoor space. With a durable engineered fabric cut to nearly any shape you want, one or more shade sails can define a space with an aesthetic and highly functional architectural feature.

Shade sails are highly versatile, as well. You can cover a seating area to provide protection from the blazing sun, and we can also create a system of multiple shade sails for walkways, playgrounds, and patios.

Enhance your outdoor space

Your shade sail(s) can be affixed to the building or be entirely freestanding. Multiple colors of fabric are available, as well as the degree of shading the fabric provides. With proper tensioning, your shade sail(s) can endure almost any weather conditions and last for years.

No matter the shape of the space you want to cover, we’ll create your custom shade sail(s) and engineer the mounting and tensioning system just for your application.

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