The Beauty of Improved Functionality

Custom awnings are designed to be beautiful to look at, and they enhance the appearance of any building. Built to meet your precise needs with perfect proportions and fit, custom awnings draw your attention to their visual interest while they break up flat, featureless facades.

Beyond their appearance, though, awnings also provide solid functionality that serves people and your budget. With awnings over doors, you and your guests have respite from the sun and rain while entering and exiting the building. Awnings over windows provide control over bothersome glare, and also prevent harsh UV rays from discoloring rugs and carpet. They can also lower your air conditioning bill substantially as they limit the intense, room-heating rays from the sun. Awnings over patio spaces can provide essential shade to transform previously unusable spaces into favorite outdoor rooms.

Adding retractable window awnings gives you even greater control over the comfort of your environment. Both inside and outside the building, retractable awnings let you control the amount of light and heat that people experience. During the summer months, you may leave the retractable awnings deployed full time to maximize the shade provided. During the winter months, you may retract the awnings to welcome in more bright sunshine. With retractable awnings, it’s always your choice.
Many Options to Meet Your Needs

We make custom awnings in many styles.

Fixed Awnings are ideal for protecting windows and doors with maximum durability and minimum fussing. Windy days have no effect on fixed awnings, so you never need to think about adjusting your awnings. Fixed awnings are also the ideal choice for business signage, providing 24/7 visibility to your customers and potential customers. Need a particularly large awning? We call that a canopy and we’re happy to create that for you!

Rectangle awnings built to your specifications ensure that every area of your patio will be properly protected. That’s the beauty of custom-made awnings: you get exactly the aesthetic style and size you want with first-rate materials, craftsmanship, and durability.

Metal awnings take sturdiness to a whole new level. Some locations, after all, must endure more wind, snow, ice, and rain than the norm. For those locations, metal awnings are an easy choice. Like all of our custom work, we’ll use the best materials and design your awning(s) precisely to your space.

Canvas awnings deftly balance aesthetics with your budget, so your building will benefit from a new look, enhanced comfort, and improved efficiency at an affordable price. Using robust and waterproof Sunbrella fabric, your canvas awning(s) can serve your needs for more than a decade, highlighting their quality and value.

Horizontal awnings provide protection from the sun and rain while maintaining constant access to the space under the awning. As they’re made with non-rusting aluminum and durable fabric, they can remain in place and be usable all year long.

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